Job Offer - Online Business Apprentice wanted!

If you don't mind living in a tropical paradise, working hard on exciting projects while improving your online business and marketing skills - keep reading!

- UPDATE: Closed for applications [Nov, 3rd 6am EST] - 

What's The Offer?

This is a full-time position for an online business apprenticeship here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

I hope you enjoy working in a green and surrounding environment!

The initial apprenticeship will last five months but ultimately, I'm looking for a long-term hire. After five months you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world and you'll be handed more and more responsibilities.

During your five months here, you'll be working directly with me, Sebastian, and get the chance to accompany me through my daily work and see starting new business projects from scratch. 
As careful I might be when talking publicly or posting about exact work details - you'll have the opportunity to get the full insights, watch new businesses being set up step by step from the very beginning, doing consulting projects with me, testing new business models and learn how to manage yourself and others.

My goal is to pass over my knowledge to you, to excite you about online business and unlock the secrets of online success and working remote to you.

I’m also going to pass on my "business mindset" to you, motivate you to grow and integrate you into my network and the great local community of entrepreneurs and open minded people.

Why Chiang Mai?

Moving to Thailand may seem like a crazy idea if you've never been before. And you’ll have a hard time explaining your decision to friends and family. But once you’re here, it’ll all make sense to you:

Chiang Mai - the beautiful green oasis in the north of Thailand

  • Low cost of living - you'll live a comfortable lifestyle with just $700/mo or less. This leaves plenty of room for trips to the most beautiful tropical islands on weekends or your own business projects/ investments.
  • High living standard - it's the second biggest city in Thailand and it's Western. You’ll find all the products you’re used to if you’d like, even though I recommend to live completely like a local due to experience.
  • Amazing weather - clear blue skies and a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius during the winter is the norm and it’s getting ever hotter after that! I hope you’re ok with working from the pool from time to time, because your swimming shorts will fit my understanding of a proper work dress accurately.
  • Good internet - the city is covered in fast wifi, 4G is cheap (10GB for $15 per month) and easy to get
  • Delicious food - Thai food is known for being some of the best in the world. It’s healthy, it’s tasty, it’s awesome. You've also got plenty of tasty Western options wherever you go.
  • Beautiful scenery - we're surrounded by over 6 national parks, dozens of waterfalls, stunning resorts and mind-blowing temples
  • Huge community - It's one of the biggest hubs for digital nomads, also often referred as the Silicon Valley of Asia. You'll have plenty of likeminded people around you all the time - That's unlimited knowledge, connections and motivation!
  • Great healthcare - Hospitals are extremely good and at a Western standard.  
  • You're safe - there's literally zero crime in Chiang Mai.

The idea of moving here still scares you? Don’t worry, I’ll guide you. I still can’t believe how super easy this all turned out to be!

Here's just a few of the things you'll be working on:

Dropshipping - My main business. You'll start getting into it by taking over tasks, doing research and helping me set up the business foundation for my third store. You'll have all the learning material to backup your knowledge and scale your insights quickly.

Set Up Wordpress Websites & Blogs – For clients but also for our own business projects. We will be selling simple, cheap but professional websites to clients and might even start a whole new business around that next year. To grow our passive income, we will be generating content blog pages for monetization through affiliate marketing one after one in addition.

Search Engine Optimization – On-site Ethical link building, creating genuine relationships with other website owners, doing outreach for our best content and finding other link building opportunities. Be creative, copy ideas and make them better, be different than others. You don’t need to be a superstar yet – there plenty of material out there that will help you to learn!

Managing people - You're a superstar, I don't expect you to do everything! You'll be able to outsource some of the tasks that you reckon should be done by someone else. But I’ve already got a few freelancers to help me, you will be overseeing their work, managing tasks and reporting the results to me. You’re also be putting together our knowledge into SOPs so we can quickly instruct new team members in future.  

Content strategy and optimization – I don’t expect you to be the best writer on earth, so you will be more likely conducting keyword research, creating a content strategy for SEO optimized posts and then instruct our freelance writers to implement it.

Online Courses – You’ll be watching tons of online courses, take online classes and read the best business scripts to make you a superhero in all kinds of fields.


  • You get stuff done - I’m not looking to babysit or micromanage.
  • You suck up knowledge like a sponge – learning excites you, understanding new business opportunities makes you happy and broadening your horizon fulfills you.
  • You know WordPress - own a blog or have actively managed or set up WP sites.
  • You've got an analytical mindset - split-testing your theories and measuring the effects are a must.
  • You're organized - basic Excel skills, knowing how to document your work and so on.
  • You're good with people - reaching out to people requires some charm and social intelligence.
  • You've got perfect English - you don't need to be a native English speaker but you need to have impeccable English.

These things are not a must, but will help

  • You know Shopify – Have worked with it, set it up, run a store by yourself
  • You know how to code
  • You know SEO – keyword research, on-page SEO, link building
  • You know Photoshop – or any other design tool
  • You think you have another skill that might be interesting for me? You have my attention! Show me, what you’ve got!


The salary for the apprenticeship will be $850 USD/monthly and your co-working space will be paid for. That’s not going to make you rich, but it’s plenty to live here and will leave you room for travel and your own projects. I am very open to discuss a raise after we see the first results of your work coming in. The ticket to flying out here will be on your own cost and you will need to bring your own laptop. The apprenticeship starts asap – the earlier you can start, the better!

How to apply

1) Record a 2 - 4 minutes video in English introducing yourself and explaining why I should stop looking for someone else right now and hire you immediately.
2) Upload the video to youtube, mark it as unlisted and sent the link as well as your English CV to
3) I'll be in touch with you for a skype interview briefly 

I am hiring the first perfect match – there is no deadline for applications. First comes, first serves. Be quick!

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